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10th May 2016

Hi all

So first and most importantly my solo show The Wrong Sort of Feminist is reaching the end of it's tour and as usual we're going out with a bang at the Brighton Fringe. I'm only doing two shows so please book as we've often sold out in Brighton before. https://www. shows/view/kate-smurthwaite- wrong-sort-feminist

Also coming up I'm performing in Beeston. It'll be a mix of some old stuff and some new stuff. Organised by the local Labour Party lot: events/1536724503303931/

On Fri 27th May I'm at Manford's Comedy Club in Southampton.

On Sat 28th May I'll be the special secret (sssh - act surprised ok?) guest at Handbags for the Homeless gig in Banbury. You basically bring a bag of supplies for homeless women instead of buying a ticket. Info on the site. events-2/

There's not a lot more news at the moment. I did a pretty interesting interview for the East Anglian Daily Times: what-s-on/having_one_woman_on_ panel_shows_as_a_one_off_ guest_achieves_nothing_says_ bury_st_edmunds_comedian_kate_ smurthwaite_1_4518175

I have a new column in the next (June) issue of New Internationalist magazine - it's about men and feminism and babysitting. The content goes up online about a month after the paper and online-subscription publication. It's a fab magazine (available internationally as the name suggests) so do pay real cash money for a copy if you see one!

And I was on BBC 5 live talking about the grotesqueness of tipping culture. From 1h20m here: programmes/b07848p2

And then expect some radio silence as I head off to Greece to teach some stand-up comedy (by which I mean lie in the sun mostly!). There are still places available and you can get a 5% discount on your holiday with the code KS5%.

Hope to see you in Brighton or if not soon!

Kate smurthwaite


27th April 2016


Hi All

Firstly I'm taking me solo show (The Wrong Sort OF Feminist) to Derby for the first time ever this Friday. As I've never done a solo show there before I've no idea how the people of Derby are supposed to know it's going to be good. Perhaps you know someone there and you could tell them?! Much appreciated! http://www. whats-on/kate-smurthwaite/

And secondly in May I'm do the final two performances of the show down in Brighton. I've played Brighton loads before so have the opposite problem - its highly likely to sell out so please book soon. Looking forward to seeing you. https://www. shows/view/kate-smurthwaite- wrong-sort-feminist

Other appearances coming up too:

Loogaborooga in Loughborough on 5th May: uk/e/loogabarooga-comedy-may- 5th-tickets-22620259806?aff= erelexpmlt
Manford's in Southampton 27th May: venues/the-stage-door/

In June I'm teaching comedy in sunny Greece. If you fancy coming out, please do!! facilitators/kate-smurthwaite/ and you can get a 5% discount on your holiday with the code KS5%.

[And my new solo show will have its first and possibly only preview at the Chippenham Comedy Festival in early July]

I also appeared on London Live discussing the role of London Mayor: LondonLive/status/ 723560376239951872
And I had a column on women and religion published in The Telegraph: http://www. women-are-more-likely-to-pray- than-men-well-what-else-is- there-t/

The Goldsmith's saga is finally finally over. Not very satisfactorily. The show went ahead but those who didn't agree with my appearance went online and reserve (free) all of the tickets to the show and then didn't show up so that most of the seats on the night were empty. Lots of people who had wanted to come were not able to and the charity we were fundraising for lost out. Well I did the show anyway to an audience of 8, principally the organisers and a few people who had turned up without tickets hoping there would be returns/no shows/etc. I even bought every member of the audience a drink. The story got into a lot of the papers again...

Evening Standard: http://www.standard. protesters-scupper-comic-s- free-speech-gig-at-goldsmiths- because-they-dislike-her- views-a3214896.html
(and major kudos to Gareth Rubin the journalist who actually gave me the chance to respond to all the nasty allegations about me, and printed my responses, rather than leaving them unchallenged as some of the comedy press did!)
Independent: http://www. news/feminist-comedian-kate- smurthwaite-s-goldsmiths-gig- sabotaged-by-anonymous- protesters-a6969106.html
Daily Mail: uk/news/article-3517874/ Feminist-comedian-s-charity- gig-sabotaged-opponents- booked-tickets-en-masse-didn- t-turn-leaving-just-eight- people-audience-transphobic- whorephobic-Islamaphobic- views.html
And then again in a column in the Evening Standard: http://www.standard. hazarika-why-standing-up-as-a- feminist-can-be-a-funny-old- business-a3216286.html

Much more importantly and amazingly I set up a Just Giving page for anyone infuriated by the situation to donate to the charity (Refugee Action) that missed out because of the petty-minded protestors. My thought was that £500 would be about as much as you could hope to raise from a student charity donation-based event. So I thought I'd aim for that and as the media picked up on the story and lots of lovely people shared it it just escalated and the total now stands at over £2000! I'm going to close the page down in a few days so any last minute contributions welcome here: https://www.justgiving. com/Kate-Smurthwaite

In other news I've become a campaign patron for ‪#‎GirlsSpeakOut‬ a matched funding campaign (so donations get doubled by the government right now) from an incredible charity called Street Child helping girls in extreme poverty around the world. Please have a look, you can share their info on social media and of course, donate too if you are able. girlsspeakout/

Hope to see you soon in Derby or Brighton or maybe Greece or Edinburgh!

Kate Smurthwaite


22nd March 2016

Hi all

So firstly, can't believe this saga is still ongoing but yes - we're going back to Goldsmith's. Last year they just banned me. This year they've offered a burst water main and a rather tenuous claim about paperwork not being in order (paperwork that was absolutely fine when the water main had burst). And with student exam season looming this is absolutely our last shot. If they don't let the show run this time I'm going there with a megaphone and doing the show in the street...!!

It's this Wednesday (tomorrow) and because of all the messing about we've cleared all the tickets that had previously been ordered and just restarted with a new ticket link. Here it is: uk/e/charity-stand-up-kate- smurthwaite-and-james-ross- tickets-22570655438

Please come along, it's a fundraiser for a refugee charity and it'll be the end of a very very long and frustrating battle. Plus awesome support from James Ross who has very kindly supported me throughout the whole situation and is a very talented act who you will also love!

Plus I'm off touring my show The Wrong Sort Of Feminist to two more locations which have just gone on sale:

Derby on 29th April http://www. whats-on/kate-smurthwaite/
Brighton on 14th and 15th May https://www. shows/view/kate-smurthwaite- wrong-sort-feminist

And I'm also gigging as part of mixed bills at the following upcoming shows:

Camberley 25th Mar: http://www. camberley-comedy-club-march- 2016
Swindon 31st Mar: chuckles-comedy-club-with- kate-smurthwaite-stephen- carlin/172408505
Ipswich 3rd Apr: http://www. whatson.php

If you're planning summer holidays already then how about coming to a beautiful Greek island and learning comedy while you're there? I taught for Skyros last year and it was utterly gorgeous, wandering out of your hut in the morning, picking a few apricots off the tree, joining other holidaymakers for singing and dancing. I even learnt to windsurf! I'm teaching on four one-week holidays this year. The details are all here: facilitators/kate-smurthwaite/ and you'll get a 5% discount if you use the code KS5%. If you can't make it while I'm there I'd also recommend going while Luke Meredith is teaching singing and cabaret in September.

If you haven't read my latest New Internationalist column I urge you to do so - I'm very proud of it! 2016/01/01/doing-grief- properly/

In other news I had a glowing review in the Morning Star newspaper (making them actually the first UK national newspaper to actually review my work rather than just call me controversial and expect me to write for them for little or no money...) http://www. 17bd-Womens-day-night-a-knock- out#

I found out my piece on Internet abuse was the 5th most-read article that New Internationalist website published last year. 2016/01/04/new- internationalist-most-popular- content-2015/

When the Evening Standard decides to run round "London's leading lights" I am apparently second on the list! Giving my views on the EU. news/londoners-diary/ londoners-diary-europe-is- fast-becoming-the-talk-of-the- town-a3201111.html

I was part of 99 Women defending refugees women's right on International Women's Day. http://www.refugeewomen.

And I also made a trip that day to visit a girl's schools conference in Kent: http://www.kentonline. womens-day-5778/

And I had a lovely chat with Jonathan Lampon on BBC Leicester about the day, from 13m here: programmes/p03kdl9x

I talked about tampons on Channel 4 news: https://www.facebook. com/Channel4News/videos/ 10153559263706939/

I talked on Sky News about the National Living Wage and whether we can afford it (HINT- we can):

My appearance at the WOW festival in Cambridge was picked out as a highlight: http://www. Cambridge-Women-World- Festival-2016-10-highlights/ story-28847904-detail/story. html

I gave my view on Ladies' Day at Aintree to LBC: LBC/videos/10153752459076558/

Talked about periods on BBC Wales from 53m here: programmes/b071y185

Was a victim of sexism from a Tory think tank creep: http://www. ben-harris-quinney-fails-in- attempt-at-comedy/ and also: gb/a/25498674-comedian- clashes-with-sexist-tory/

Signed a letter to The Guardian about Salman Rushdie: http://www. feb/25/salman-rushdie-death- iran-fatwa-outrage

And lots more too. If you don't want to miss a thing you can follow me on Twitter @Cruella1 or Facebook katesmurthwaite (you'll have to follow me though, I've got as many friends as Facebook allows). Otherwise hold tight for the next News At Kate and hopefully see you at a live show before then.

Kate Smurthwaite
Kate Smurthwaite | Comedian & Political Activist



2nd Feb 2016

Hi all

Well first and very very much foremost it is with enormous delight that I can announce that I am taking my solo show BACK to Goldsmith's College! Next Tuesday in South London, free but as a benefit for Refugee Action. Reserve a seat here:

If you missed the bigger story - last year a combination of Goldsmith's Feminist Society and Goldsmith's Comedy Society cancelled my scheduled show there at the last minute, in case my opinions on the sex industry or Islam (neither of which were mentioned in the show) upset students. The story ended up in everything from The Guardian to The Sun. It was so ridiculous I wrote a show about it!

Now the AMAZING people at Goldsmith's Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society have invited me back to do the new show at Goldsmith's itself. I really really want a good crowd, partly because it's a great cause and I love my show and I want everyone to see it, but also because last time they rather nastily claimed long after the story had reached the newspapers that they actually had cancelled it because they hadn't sold enough tickets. So a big crowd will make that point look rather stupid. Please come!!

(The extended version of events is here:

Upcoming appearances:

Now also coming up I'm speaking at the Cambridge Union next week in a debate about love:

And I'm at the Leicester Comedy Festival on the Friday. Tickets are selling rather quickly for this one so please book soon if you're coming along!

And I'm performing at Stand Up For Darwin at Conway Hall after that too:

And I'm taking my solo show up to Newcastle the following week. Hope to see lots of you there, it's quite a while since I played Newcastle and the local humanists group have set this lovely event up:

In Bury, Manchester on Thursday this week:
In Guildford on Saturday:

Recent TV appearances:

There was one main TV appearance last week I did on The Big Questions. For those in the UK or with clever IT skills the link is here:

I also told a nasty creepy man not to touch me on Sky News.

Media coverage:

Apparently The sky News incident was so exciting it made the headlines as far afield as New Zealand!

And I got a mention in The Guardian too.

Recent clip

And just so there's some footage for those outside the UK here's a rather low-key disjointed but still fun set I did at the Wapping Lies event commemorating 30 years since the Wapping Dispute.

Hope to see you soon, and again - back to Goldsmiths YAY!!!

Kate Smurthwaite

5th Nov 2015

Hi all

It's currently Non Prophet week - a week when student atheist, humanist and secular societies raise money for good causes and the UCLU team have convinced me to do my latest solo show in one of their lecture theatres in central London totally for free with a charity collection bucket! Great support acts too. Get your free ticket here and see you tomorrow! https://www. charity-stand-up-gig-kate- smurthwaite-iszi-lawrence- tickets-19339816913

I'm also doing my show next week in Nottingham and Halifax. Sadly not free but very reasonably priced all the same. I'm told the Nottingham one is the best-selling show in the venue so DO book in advance and people of/near Halifax, err, step up to the plate please and buy more tickets!

Nottingham Nov 12th: https://www.gigantic. com/kate-smurthwaite-poppy- and-pint-2015-11-12-19-00

Halifax Nov 14th: whats-on/kate-smurthwaite-the- wrong-sort-of-feminist/

Other gigs: I'm at Lolitics the political comedy show in Camden on Nov 17th. http://www. my-camden-political-comedy- club.html

News coverage:

I'm quoted an pictured in the Islington Tribune protesting the planned closure of the Margaret Pyke sexual health centre:
http://www.islingtontribune. com/news/2015/oct/nurses- dressed-suffragettes-chain- themselves-railings-protest- over-threat-women’s-clin

(and if you want to sign the petition about that it's here: p/central-and-north-west- london-nhs-trust-prevent-the- closure-of-the-margaret-pyke- centre)

And I spoke to Love Wapping website live from the Halloween protest at the Jack The Ripper Museum on Cable Street. The video is here: watch?v=fzVRDdcTFzY

(and this one has a petition too! https://you.38degrees. suffragettes-not-serial- killers)

And I'm mentioned in this HuffPo piece on no-platforming (VERY exciting news on that due soon though...!) http://www. cookman/no-platform-in-real- life-_b_8377134.html

Radio spots:

I was on BBC Leicester talking about the new Bond film from 2h08m: programmes/p034lvtx

I've also done a Sky News piece on the same subject and two LBC interviews including one this evening with Clive Bull about the Million Mask March. If anyone sees links to these please let me know.

Finally - it's Christmas soon and I am not planning to reprint my "This is what a radical..." T-shirts any more so if you want one or someone you know does it is really now or never, I have 1 medium, 13 large and 5 extra large and when they're gone they're gone! They come up quite generously. http://www. merchandise.html

Hope to see you at a show soon.

Kate Smurthwaite


21st Oct 2015

Hi all,
Been a while since I did a mail out so there's lots to share.
Firstly this coming weekend I'm hosting the always-awesome Feminism In London conference. It's bigger and better than ever this year and I'm also performing at the after-party. It's open to everyone and there's a creche and events for children. There are also some sessions about men's participation in feminism (but men can also come to the whole thing, it's mixed). I can't recommend it enough. If there's any way on earth you can get to London this weekend - come, it'll be life-changing. Tickets and more details here:
Secondly my one-woman show The Wrong Sort Of Feminist is officially "on tour" at the moment. If I'm not coming near you - ask. If you know a pub with an upstairs room and can get 20-30 mates to come along... no reason we couldn't make that work! Or catch me at:
Nottingham Comedy Festival 12th Nov
Halifax Square Chapel 14th Nov
Plus I'll be doing the show on 6th Nov at UCLU in central London and 13th Nov at Warwick Uni. Details to be confirmed but both shows are part of the student atheist charity fundraising even "non prophet week" so they'll be cheap and for a good cause.
Actually I'll also be doing my science show The Evolution Will Be Televised next week in Coventry for Warwickshire Humanists. It's quite a relaxed show - silly, educational, with a quiz and games too! Details here
Other upcoming gigs include world's best political comedy show Lolitics in Camden on 17th November. And I'm MCing a brand new club that I know is being set up with a great ethos called Loogabarooga in Loughborough on 3rd December. More gigs and info on my website as usual but those are the fun ones in the diary.
Also for those of you who know my partner James, it is his birthday in November and to celebrate this his country and western band Tex Farr Jr and The International Quartet are playing the Oval pub in Croydon on the 20th. It's open to every one AND unlike 99.9% of venues this one is actually wheelchair accessible!!
Other things:
My latest column for The Teacher magazine is on page 9 here:
Little piece I wrote about Feminism In London and women in political comedy for Funny Women
A piece I wrote for the New Internationalist magazine on love and monogamy:
I've been on everything from Sky News to BBC Newcastle to LBC talking about the sexism in schools story that ran through the news this week.
And on 25th September I did LBC's news panel, hosted by Olly Mann, with one Katie Hopkins. Not found a link for this yet, probably behind their paywall. If anyone has it please send it over!
There's a lovely extended interview with me on Resonance FM here:
Hope to see you soon. 
Kate Smurthwaite


17th Sept 2015

If you are in or around Liverpool this weekend and would like to catch my new solo show, tickets are still available. It's on Sunday 20th, 7pm at 81 Renshaw and you can get tickets online here: 
On the 24th September I'll be up in Glasgow headlining a fundraiser for Abortion Rights. There's a great lineup of acts so come do along and show your support -
Articles and media appearances...
This Saturday I'll be appearing on Channel 4's It Was Alright In The 60s, commenting on some frankly jaw-dropping televisual moments from the decade of love -
Earlier this month I filmed a short piece for Morning Stories, a 2-minute 'Thought For The Day' series on Sky News. I spoke about choice and you can watch the whole clip here -
I had a piece published in The New Internationalist talking about Pope Francis declaring this year to be a 'Holy Year of Mercy' - giving everyone a special offer on forgiveness. Read it here -
My latest column in The Teacher magazine is about George Osborne and his strange photography instructions (page nine).
While away at the Fringe I was the subject of a nice article in The Times, which appeared on page 3 (no less) of their printed copies. It's available to read online (subscription required) -
On the 2nd September I appeared on Eddie Mair's show on BBC Radio 4 talking about comedy and politics (from about 51 minutes) -
In Edinburgh I had some lovely reviews for my solo show, The Wrong Sort of Feminist:
**** Broadway Baby -
**** ScotsGay -
**** One4Review -
And the Times Higher Education is still talking (really?) about my run-in with Goldsmiths...
Hope you had a good summer, lovely to see so many of you at the Fringe and hope to catch you soon.
Kate Smurthwaite


1st Aug 2015

Hi All

So firstly and most importantly - my new Edinburgh Fringe shows are all polished up and ready to head north of the border. If you're coming up to the Fringe please come and see them. If you've never been to the Edinburgh Fringe before, I cannot recommend a trip highly enough. Thousands of shows, many of them, including mine, offered for free. Comedy, theatre, music, kids, dance, literature, art, cabaret, spoken word, everything.
Kate Smurthwaite: The Wrong Sort of Feminist
My all new solo show about Goldsmiths and about choice and freedom, the feminist movement, the treatment of asylum seekers in Britain, Couples Come Dine with Me and edible pants.
8th - 29th Aug (not 17th)
Ciao Roma (venue 283)
South Bridge
Free, non-ticketed, just show up in good time
Comedy Manifesto
Political panel show hosted by me (and I book the acts too so lots of my faves will feature). Regular team captains Phil Loweth and Angie Belcher.
8th - 30th Aug (not 17th)
Liquid Rooms Annex (venue 276)
Victoria Street
Free, non-ticketed, just show up in good time
Note: on 12th, 18th, 24th, 26th & 29th the show is at 3.50pm at Silk Nightclub, King's Stables Rd
Late With Kate
My late night mixed bill show. I host and again I book the acts. Stand-up and whatever else I think is good.
8th - 29th Aug (not Sundays)
Canons' Gait (venue 78)
Free, non-ticketed, just show up in good time
As a small footnote to this info - this marks my TENTH solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe over as many years. In that time, can you believe, I have NEVER been reviewed by a UK-wide national paper (despite their enthusiasm for publishing my quotes, misquotes, medical history, columns and even in one case a full length article demanding to know "who I was"... I'm still Kate Smurthwaite, I send you press releases every year!!). If you know any journalists or people with good contacts please please give them a little nudge about my show. Thank you!
Of course I'll also be making guest appearances at various cool other shows around the fringe. Looking forward to seeing you up there. If you're coming up for a few days try to catch me early on and I'll be happy to recommend other shows to see while you're there.
Other recent news:
I was on BBC Wales this morning talking about the Clear Lines Festival (which I'm not appearing at but I think is great). From 2h53m here:
I had a column published in The Telegraph:
A debate I had on Sky News about measures to tackle the gender pay gap showed up on YouTube:
I also have two London shows left before I go. Both are showcases of new talent I have been teaching comedy to through City Academy. In both cases I'm hosting and it's free, just show up and be supportive, the more the merrier. Ideal if you fancy a laugh and a farewell drinkie before I'm gone.
Beginners Mon 3rd Aug:
Improvers Tues 4th Aug:
Hope to see you soon, do come and say hi if you're up in Edinburgh. 
Kate Smurthwaite

9th July 2015

Hi All

Well preview season is in full swing now so I'd love it if London-based folk found the time to come see my new show. I'm really proud of most of it at this stage and really need to try out some variations on the bits that still need work. They're all free but always best to let me know if you're coming* so we know how many chairs to put out, etc!

Sunday 12th July
Round Table
St Martin's Court
Nearest tube: Leicester Square
Doors 7.30pm, shows from 8pm
Double preview bill with the wonderful cabaret star Mister Meredith and his keyboard.

Monday 13th July
Bar Salsa
Stables Market
Nearest tube: Camden Town
Doors 7.30pm, show 8pm
It's just me previewing but I understand they've organised a first half with an all-female line up of newer acts doing short sets.

Thursday 16th July
Blue Posts
Rupert Street
Nearest tube: Piccadilly Circus
Double preview bill with Don Biswas, a really interesting political comic and gagsmith.

And on Sunday 19th July I'm taking the show to Derby. Info and tickets here: (Not free but very cheap if you take advantage of the all day ticket)

My political panel show Comedy Manifesto is also previewing (with me hosting it and setting all the questions). Catch us at:

22nd July Hackney Picturehouse Attic
23rd July Croydon Fringe

Or come along to the Balham Free Fringe Festival (a whole weekend of 60+ hours of free comedy at the Bedford pub in Balham). Both my solo show and Comedy Manifesto are on the Sunday.

A couple of other things...

I generally don't do party politics, I prefer to campaign on issues I care about rather than getting dragged into having to tow the line or playing political games which I hate. However my local MP Diane Abbott, who I happen to think is great, is in the running to be Labour's candidate for mayor of London and I am nailing my colours to the mast for once. If you fancy coming along to her campaign launch on Fri 17th July at which I'll be doing a little turn, tickets are here:

I'm also very excited on Sat 18th July to be entertaining the AGM of the National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular student societies. Tickets for the conference are here:

And keep watching my website for upcoming gigs including Camberly, Romford, Southampton and of course Edinburgh throughout August.

Hope to see you soon.

Kate Smurthwaite




5th June 2015

Hi All

I'm actually off next week teaching stand-up in sunny Greece. I know a few people from this mail-out are coming along so see you there if that's you. If not - next time. When I get back I'm straight into being super-busy...
I'm at the world's greatest political comedy show Lolitics on Tues 16th:
I'm taking the Raif Badawi petition to downing Street on Weds 17th:
I'm performing at the BHA annual conference on Fri 19th:
And at the annual dinner for the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain on Sat 20th:
On 21st I'll be on BBC 5 live from 9pm talking through the stories that have been the most tweeted about in the week's news. Do tune in.
On the 22nd I'll be hosting some brand new City Academy comedy talent (8pm at The Comedy Pub, just show up)
On 25th June I'm previewing my new solo show in Ludlow:
28th June I'm doing a London preview (8pm at the Round Table, St Martin's Court, just show up) 
And - do book now - on 30th June I'm hosting a huge benefit for the Free Fringe at the Bloomsbury Theatre. Featuring Stewart Lee and Robin Ince and just awesome line-up.
My Edinburgh Fringe shows are now online:
(I'll also be doing my late night mixed bill show Late With Kate but we didn't bother putting that in the main programme cos it's not great value IMHO!)
I was mentioned in the Daily Mail (I know) for appearing at the PCS rally:
If you prefer to avoid the Mail you can read basically the same details in Morning Star instead:
If you'd like to see what happened at the rally itself, including some of my bits then have a look here:
I was a guest last week at the panel show No Pressure To Be Funny. The podcast of the show is here:
I was on BBC Nottingham discussing my new comedy course for the over-55s in town! (From 52mins)
And the Nottingham Post covered the same story. If you know any over-55s in the area, they'd be very welcome to come along!
The Telegraph wrote a piece about my column in The Teacher. It's a complete misquote and very weird distortion of who I am and what I said.
If you'd like to read the actual horrifying column it is here:
Well it's exhausting even writing all that. Hopefully there'll be some time to lie in the sun between classes in Greece. 
Hope to see you all soon somewhere or another, or online if not!
Kate Smurthwaite

15th May 2015

Hi all

Firstly - Brightonites! I'm doing my solo show Leftie C*ck Womble (the show that was TOO CONTROVERSIAL for Goldsmiths!) for two final performances this weekend as part of the Brighton Fringe. Most performers use Brighton to preview their new show ready for Edinburgh but I have far too much fondness for Brighton folk so I prefer to use it as a grand finale, meaning you all get to see the show at it's very best and most polished! Saturday's performance is selling very quickly so if you want to come Sat please book right away. Sunday is a bit quieter so I'd especially love some extra company then.
Secondly we were making "News At Kate" videos right up to the election. If you missed any they are all on the front of my website for now ( Do have a catch-up, I was really pleased with the coverage. There will be some more political videos coming soon too, requests definitely taken for subjects you'd like to see included.
Other news:
I'll be on LBC (radio) tonight from 9pm talking about the week's politics.
I'll be performing at Lolitics on Tuesday at the Black Heart in Camden. This is absolutely the best political comedy show in town, always amazing line-ups. I'll be trying a bit of new stuff that will hopefully end up in my fringe show.
I'm in Leeds on 27th May at Kill For A Seat at the Seven Arts Centre:
I'm MCing at the Backyard in east London on 29th May:
I'm opening the Durham Secret Policeman's Ball on 6th June:
From 7th June I'm teaching comedy as part of an activity holiday in Greece. 5% discount for fans of mine with the code "AT5%". Come and hang out in the sun!!
And if you're more of an online/armchair observer of my work...
I was quoted in an article about The Pill:
I contributed a short chapter (on one of my favourite female comedians in the world) to this newly-published book which can be ordered online:
Hope to see you at a show soon.
Kate Smurthwaite

27th Apr 2015

Hi all

Firstly - two new videos sending up the election 2015 coverage for you to watch (and share, like, tweet, etc, thank you!!)
Meet the UKIPsters:
Meet the Tories:
And, well spotted, I gave the wrong dates from my Hackney Picturehouse previews in my last mail out. The correct ones are as follows:
3rd May - first preview of my new solo show (The Wrong Sort OF Feminist). This will be very rough and ready but it's free to come along, please do. Will actually start at 8pm, not 7pm.
8th May - preview of my panel show Comedy Manifesto. This show has been around for a long time so calling it a preview is a bit misleading. Cool guests, new ideas, silliness and politics.
And if there's a new show coming in, evidently there's an old one going out. As usual I'm closing my previous solo show at the Brighton Fringe. So this is (probably) your last ever chance to catch Leftie Cock Womble - the show about free speech that they tried to close down. The show too controversial for Goldsmiths. The one about cat's genitals and Revelation TV and Frankie Boyle and, of course, Raif Badawi. The show is on for two nights at The Warren.  Bring hankies.
Other things coming up:
I have a column in the next issue of New Internationalist on the failings of 21st century democracy (it won't be online, you have to buy the mag, sorry).
I'm on at London's (the world's) best political comedy show Lolitics on 19th May.
I'm hosting a showcase of new comedy talent on 4th May:
I'm performing in Great Yarmouth on 14th May.
I'm performing in Leeds on 27th May.
I'm MCing at the Backyard in East London weekend of 29th-30th May.
I'm a panelist on political comedy show No Pressure To Be Funny on 31st May (records at the Phoenix on Cavendish Square, podcast released shortly after).
...and there'll be lots more News At Kate videos up to the election on 7th May. Really appreciate people sharing these around!
And finally I can reveal that James and I will be appearing on the new special series of Couples Come Dine With Me. We filmed ages ago and I'm contractually obliged not to reveal too many details but if you'd like to find out what happened when we had dinner three nights running with a woman from the reality show The Only Way Is Essex and her ex-football player boyfriend you will have to tune in 5pm Channel 4 on 5th May...!
By the way - I know there are lots of new people on this list this week - mostly I'm guessing people who saw me at QEDcon this weekend - that was fun! To explain - I usually mail out latest links, videos, articles, etc and info about once a fortnight. It's a mailing list in some ways but not in others - like it really comes from my account and I really write it myself (mistakes and all) so if you want to tell me things or ask me things, guess what? hit "reply" and bingo, we're pen pals!
Hope to see you at a show soon, overseas tour dates are in the pipeline too!
Kate Smurthwaite



18th Apr 2015

Hi All

So we've been super busy putting together not one but two new New At Kate: Election 2015 coverage videos.
First up a my reaction to pledge season entering full swing: com/watch?v=dfzJKHJK-54
And secondly a "meet the candidates" piece with the Green Party com/watch?v=sCp1RYZzV4w
Please share and "like" these and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see more of these coming up.
Upcoming gigs, in London and Brighton:
This Monday I'm headlining a night of political comedy in Angelhttp://www.
On 3rd May I'm doing my first full-length preview for my new solo show The Wrong Sort of Feminist at Hackney Picturehouse. I don't have a link yet but it will be free on the door, just come along.
On 8th May I'll also be doing an extended version of my political panel show Comedy Manifesto at Hackney Picturehouse. Tickets will be £5 advance/£6 door, I'll share the link as soon as I have it.
My old solo show Leftie C*ck Womble still has two more performances before it is formally retired. If you haven't caught it yet and can make it down to Brighton I would love to see you there at The Warren May 16th or 17th. Tickets onside here: https://www. kate-smurthwaite-leftie-cock- womble
Other news:
I'll be on LBC radio tonight from 9pm discussing various news stories.
The press in Ludlow are already excited about my performing there in June! http://www. 04/17/hopes-to-revive-ludlows- carnival-are-dashed/
Really appreciate all those who've shared my videos already, I've seen subscribers to my channel (and to this mail-out) spike so I know it's having an effect. Just under three weeks to the election now so lots more to come. And see you soon.
Kate Smurthwaite
PS Yes - we still have T-Shirts for sale on my website. http://www. merchandise.html

5th April 2015

Hi all

I'm making a series of comedy videos in the run-up to the General Election in the UK. I've just launched the trailer and it's online here: 
The News At Kate: Election 2015 trailer
I would love if people shared it and "liked" it and Tweeted it and Facebooked it and all that. It's viewable globally although whether you'll get the jokes if you don't follow UK politics is another matter. Maybe share with your friends back in the UK! There'll be a whole series of them coming over the next few weeks so you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel to see them.
Gigs wise I'm off to Narberth in Wales this week.
Then on Saturday I'm in East London at Quantum Leopard which is a lovely club and also a venue to which you can bring smart teenagers who are up for grown-up comedy (i.e. it's not a pub).
Next week I'm in Barnacle near Coventry
My political panel show Comedy Manifesto is being talked about as a key attraction of the Croydon Comedy Festival. Tickets onsale already:
And of course my current solo show Leftie C*ck Womble is on at next month's Brighton Fringe
Hope to see you soon and thanks again for sharing my little video, I'm really looking forward to giving all the parties a good ribbing as the election season unfolds!
Kate Smurthwaite

13th Feb 2015

Hi all

Really looking forward to seeing lots of you on Sunday for my solo show at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival. It's on at 2pm so do arrive in good time. Tickets are cheaper if you book in advance too (and of course "avoid disappointment"!)

And if you're coming to the One Billion Rising event tomorrow I shall also be doing a short set to entertain the crowds!

Many of you will have seen the big fuss in the media about the cancellation of my show at Goldsmith's College last week. Or as some parts of the media have been calling it: #Smurthgate. There's been some good reporting and some very low quality "reporting", or as you might call it "lying". To clear the air I have published all the facts and screenshots to prove I'm not making this (admittedly unbelievable) situation up.

I won't give all the media links partly because a lot of them say the same things and partly because I've no intention of driving more traffic to websites and publications who are just being horrible. But a few interesting ones here:

Nick Cohen in The Guardian:
Janice Turner in The Times (sorry not a freebee):
Ian Dunt in The Guardian again:
Profile piece on me in The Daily Beast:
BBC piece featuring a lovely supportive comment from Jason Manford:

And on that note many thanks to all the lovely people who've sent messages of support and stuck up for me on social media, etc when people have been unpleasant.

I did also make a very silly video responding to the situation:

Other upcoming gigs include
Laughing Labia on 18th Feb at She Soho (lesbian bar, all welcome!):
Braintree on 20th Feb (I'm MCing):
Matlock on the 21st (again MCing):
I'm in Norway the following weekend, Trondheim:
And then Oslo (2 nights):

Tickets are also onside now for Radical Funnyism - a show I'm doing in Bristol to raise funds for local Rape Crisis centres. Brilliant line-up. Tickets and info here:

My latest column in The Teacher magazine is now out (you'll have to scroll through to page 45 though!):

I was on BBC Ulster this morning talking about Pope Francis criticising people who don't have children (like he doesn't!). From 1h12m:
And I was on BBC Leicester too at lunchtime telling the lovely Jonathan Lampon about my show in Leicester on Sunday. From 2h20m:

Hope to see you at a show soon - I also have a piece in next months Cosmo and the new issue of New Internationalist so watch the shelves for those!

Kate Smurthwaite



27th Jan 2015

Hi all
So first up I'm doing my solo show for probably two final times in London next Monday and in Leicester on the afternoon of 15th Feb.
London: tickets are £4, free to members of Goldsmiths College feminist and comedy societies.
Leicester: tickets are £6 or the venue also does an all-day pass though this doesn't guarantee entry if I sell out!
Secondly I was on The Big Questions a couple of weeks ago discussing Charlie Hebdo, humanism and Ched Evans. As usual the footage is only viewable in the UK though clips usually show up on YouTube sooner or later, do send me any good links. iplayer/episode/b04ykfzk/the- big-questions-series-8- episode-1
Also it is coming up to a year since I was on Question Time - the show is only available online for a year so if you haven't seen it or want to have another peek before it disappears it is here: programmes/b03t7f4n. And if you want to write to the production company (Mentorn) and ask for me again that would be cool too!
There is also footage now online of my appearance as General Kitchener at the event Philosophy Football ran to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Christmas Day Armistice. https://www. Dl9Zs
In the meantime I also have shows at the Kickback in Guildfordhttp://www.
And I'm doing a workshop and showcase for aspiring comedians at Newnham College Cambridge on Sun 8th Feb. More details and registration by contacting them at - it's £30 if you're not a student at the college. You can also come along to the showcase in the evening for free I think.
I've been on a pile of TV and radio interviews. Firstly with the off/on page three nonsense. 
BBC Newcastle from 2h 48mins: programmes/p02grbbx
BBC Scotland Morning Call from 20m: programmes/b04yk7s2#auto
BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show from 12mins: programmes/b04y9mxj
And then BBC Ulster gave me a chance to deal with the guy from the new UK anti-feminist party with the stupid name (as if anti-feminist party wasn't already a stupid name!). They've picked the "debate" out as a highlight, though I thought it was a bit stupid really. boos/2816457-are-men- disadvantaged-mike-buchanan- and-kate-smurthwaite-debate- bbcnolan
Lovely review of the show I did in Cambridge last week: uk/2015/01/18/newnham-college- smoker-fire/
And welcome to lots of new additions to the mailing list from various places. It's not a server-run list so if you don't want to be on it just reply and say so in a way that won't hurt my feelings. And if you want to reply and ask me something or share something that's cool too. I read everything even if I sometimes run out of time to reply!
See you soon.
Kate Smurthwaite


8th Jan 2015

Hello all and happy new year,

If you're already itching to get out and see some comedy I have a showcase tonight for some of my talented students:  (and I have some guest list places if you're broke, just message me by replying to this).
On Saturday I'm at the Bloomsbury Theatre for one of my favourite comedy events of the year: Sex Appeal - the benefit for Brook's sex advice helpline for young people. Al Murray, Mark Thomas, Bec Hill, everyone. Book here:
On Sunday (and I just might be on The Big Questions on BBC1 on Sunday morning so keep an eye out for that) night I have another showcase for my latest crop of beginner comedy students mail me for guest list)
Next week I'm doing a cameo role in a play/live art event about the NHS cuts in Brighton. Tickets are here: (And I must stress that this is not a comedy show AT ALL, it's a serious play and I've been specially warned not to try and be funny. Which is quite funny.)
Fri 16th I'm in Cambridge at the Newnham College Smoker - a brand new comedy show that is starting up with an overtly feminist ethos. Do support them if you're able and hopefully it'll become a regular fixture.
Sat 17th I'm in Chester at Alexanders (I believe the longest running UK comedy night outside London).
Free Speech...
If you missed my article on free speech in New Internationalist last year now seems like an appropriate time to post it up again. If you saw my most recent solo show in Edinburgh (Leftie C*ck Womble) you'll also know at least a bit about the Raif Badawi case. A Saudi Arabian blogger sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1000 lashes for writing a blog about women's rights and secularism. We've just learned that they will start publicly flogging him tomorrow. I'm expecting there'll be a protest at the Saudi Embassy in London tomorrow or on Tuesday (which is Raif's birthday). Watch my Twitter (@Cruella1) for more info. Or google "free raif" and hopefully it'll be on Facebook, etc.
In other news Julie Bindel mentioned me in The Guardian:
The Chester gig is mentioned in the Chester Chronicle:
And my comedy workshop (free to attend is you register with City Academy) is mentioned on Chortle:
Some people have been asking about comedy courses. There are a full run coming up in London, nothing scheduled right now outside. The next Complete Beginners starts next Wednesday (yes, when I'm in Brighton not being funny but of course there are fab cover teachers). The next Beginners with Showcase is Monday 19th and the next Improvers with Showcase is on Tuesday 27th Jan. All info via the City Academy website. I also cannot recommend the Sitcom Writing classes there highly enough. I've done them twice myself.
Hope to see you soon. Should be new videos soon too which will be viewable worldwide. And in the meantime the full-length documentary feature film about tabloid corruption starring myself and Hugh Grant (yes, I know, yes, I did meet him, he was very charming) is available on iTunes and Google Play and all those things (and showing in a few cinemas too). Links here:
Kate Smurthwaite


24th Dec 2014

Hello all and Happy Christmas/Winterval

I was on Sky News this morning talking about David Cameron's very religion-packed Christmas message. No sign of a video clip on their site or elsewhere yet though.
However the video of my appearance as Lord Kitchener (well a part of it) is up on the Philosophy Football YouTube page. It was a really fun event, my bit starts about 8m30s in.
I've also been nominated for an award! By the Stand Up For Labour organisation. I'm more than surprised since I only did one show for them (and no, this does not mean I'm a Labour member, I'm not, nor that I agree with everything Ed Miliband says, which I definitely don't!). Still it'd be great if I won so please take a minute to vote for me. You don't have to register or fill in any extra details, yuo can just tick me and the show I performed at (Nottingham) and click and done! Thank you!!
If you've still not got your last Christmas pressies why not book some new year comedy and put the receipt in a nice card. Here's what's coming up:
First show back in the new year is a lovely intimate little showcase for some of my comedy students:
Then - bang - one of the highlights of the comedy year. Sex Appeal at the Bloomsbury Theatre, a stellar line-up for a great cause:
Then a new talent showcase again for students of mine:
My solo show at the Leicester Comedy Festival is also on sale already and it's a very small venue so I'd recommend booking early:
Or if you REALLY love them (or have just come into money and want to show yourself some love) you could book to come and do a comedy course I'm teaching in June in sunny Greece with Skyros:
And just for fun - I've really upset some Belfast Telegraph columnist who thinks us feminists should all be a bit less argue-y. Or something!
Enjoy the holidays and hope to see you in the new year.
Kate Smurthwaite


29th Nov 2014

Hi all

Yes my birthday is coming up on 9th Dec and I'm celebrating it at a very special event for a fabulous cause. Many of you will know that I teach English to a group of female asylum seekers in London and we're having a benefit for Women For Refugee Women to help fund the classes (they pay for the participants transport, venue hire, books, etc, the teachers, including me, are volunteers). I've more or less hand-picked all my favourite performers to be there. Comedy from me, Shazia Mirza, Jen Brister and Suzy Bennett, poetry from Bridget Minamore, Deanna Rodger, Munira Mohamed and music from Becca Mordan. Tickets are £15 and I won't be guest-listing anyone since it's for such a good cause but I will be buying the first round if you've come to celebrate my birthday. It's in Stoke Newington in north east London (near where I live so I can get as drunk as I like!). Space is limited so please book here if you're coming:
Of course you could also bring the pressies you've got me (right?) to any of my other upcoming gigs:
5th Dec in Cobham: (and i've been advance-warned that some of my audience for this gig will be nuns so strap in for some classic "who's your favourite saint?" material!)
6th Dec at Kick Back in Guildford: (great line-up for this one)
13th Dec in Ashill in Norfolk: (tiny little rural venue, I am a bit of a secret surprise guest)
16th Dec at Lolitics in north London: (the best/only regular leftie politic comedy gig in the capital)
20th Dec at Philosophy Football's special event marking the centenary of the 1914 Christmas Day armistice, in east London:
But you can hear me right across the UK before any of that tomorrow when I'll be a guest on the BBC 5 live news hitlist show. This is a brand new show that goes through the most popular news stories of the week (a bit like the music charts) on a Sunday early evening. And they'll be using special guests to discuss the stories as they come along and I'm the first guest. The show starts 7.15pm and i'll be there from number 40 through to number ten before I collapse and someone else takes over the top ten. Do tune in and tweet along with the show, I think it'll be really interesting.
My article in New Internationalist on Free Speech is now online:
My column in the new issue of The Teacher magazine covers sex and relationships education. It's page 15 here:
I was also filmed at a protest I went to around the porn awards in London last week:
And i'm pictured (but not quoted) in this piece about the Law Society dropping it's controversial Sharia advice:
Hope to see you soon, maybe for my birthday?! Do remember that there is still time to buy one of my awesome t-shirts for yourself or a friend for Christmas. Everyone seems to love them (and YES we do do larger sizes up to a generous 2XL too!)
Kate Smurthwaite


20th Nov 2014

Hi all

Firstly if you haven't already seen, my t-shirts are now on sale on my website. Perfect Christmas/Winterval gifts for anyone who is tired of hearing people say they're not "comfortable" with the word "feminist". http://www. merchandise.html (Or just get one for yourself, obvs).

Now on Saturday is it the awesome Reclaim The Night march in London. It's all about reclaiming the streets from those who think weak and timid women shouldn't go out on their own at night. There's a huge women's march. And (before you ask) a vigil for men who want to support the event. Then there's a huge (mixed) rally with comedy and poetry and music, including a set from me. http://www.

And I'll be back MCing in Chesham next week if you want to book in advance. http://www.ents24. com/chesham-events/the-chess- suite-at-chesham-united- football-club/david-whitney/ 4076120

I've been mentioned a couple of times in the press this week. A lovely write up in the East Anglian Daily Times for my workshop at The Apex at the weekend: uk/what-s-on/video_kate_ smurthwaite_hosts_comedy_ workshop_in_bury_st_edmunds_ ahead_of_apex_gig_1_3850208

Some quotes on the Julien Blanc case from me were used in Newsweek. http://www.newsweek. com/misogynistic-and-racist- pick-artist-julien-blanc- denied-entry-uk-285527

And is excited about the Chesham show. uk/whats-on/comedy-news/feast- comedy-comes-chesham-8128242

You will also need to book soon if you want to come to the Philosophy Football event I'm performing at in December. It's a commemoration of the 1914 armistice and the infamous football match in no man's land. I'm doing something rather unique and special for it and there'll be more comedy from Simon Munnery and music, poetry, etc too. http://www. item.php?pid=1039

Hope to see you soon.

Kate Smurthwaite



14th Nov 2014

Hi all

Firstly Bury St Edmunds people - last chance to buy tickets for my solo show at The Apex on Sunday night. I'm really excited about coming "home" to Bury and seeing everyone and doing my latest show. There's also a couple of spots left on my workshop in the daytime. Come and learn some comedy skills and you'll get to show them off the same day as my support acts at The Apex itself!


Then on Monday there's a chance to see my solo show in central London courtesy of the LSE Atheism, Humanism and Secularism Society. The event is free for members and due to the way these things are funded a limited number of tickets are available to the public here: book soon, the same event last year sold out quite quickly.

More dates in December and the new year will be added to the website later this week.

And my merchandising page is now LIVE. With the T-shirts from my show. Suitable for anyone in your life who has to deal with people who aren't COMFORTABLE with the word "feminism"!!

Plus loads of media and news appearances this week.

Lovely profile of me in the East Anglian Daily Times:
And another piece in the Bury Free Press:

Sky News TV on Julien Blanc:
BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour again on Julien Blanc (final section on "pick-up artists"):
BBC Scotland on the Glasgow Midwives abortion court case (from 40m):
BBC 5 live discussing Dapper Laughs (from 24m):

And I'm quoted in the Ealing Times on harassment outside abortion clinics in the area:

Finally the footage of my performance at the International Conference on the Religious-Right, Secularism and Civil Rights is now up on YouTube (and viewable world wide!)

Hope to see you at a show soon.

Kate Smurthwaite

6th Nov 2014


Hi all

Well to say I've been busy would be an understatement at the moment - I've been so busy I didn't even send out a mail-out last week, and this should be a bumper one but I may run out of time to get everything in it!

Firstly tonight I'm in Birmingham MCing a brilliant line-up at Bramall Hall.

Tomorrow afternoon if you're a member of SERTUC I'll be performing at the women's right committee seminar.

In the evening I'm at Buxton Buzz Club

Saturday I'll be doing my latest solo show at an event at Lancaster University.

And in the evening I'm at Sale Buzz Club

Next tuesday I'm headlining the Backyard Comedy Club in east London for their "War and Peace" theme night

And on Wednesday I'm in Guildford at The Stoke

And there are still tickets going for my show and for the workshop I'm doing in Bury St Edmunds. The workshop acts will be my warm-up for the evening show so if you've ever fancied going from zero to hero in one day...!! Complete beginners welcome and you'll be on at the gorgeous Apex venue that night. Or just come along and cheer the newbies and then relax and enjoy my latest solo show.

On Mon 17th I'm bringing my new solo show back to London courtesy of the LSE Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society. Everyone is welcome though, tickets are a fiver to non-members.

So - articles and media appearances...

My new column in the latest edition of NUT magazine The Teacher came out this week. It's about sex ed...

And I had a piece in the New Internationalist about rip-off culture

There's been a lot of radio interviews too (but of course the "listen again" feature runs out after seven days which is why I really ought to do a mail out once a week...) including one this morning on BBC Newcastle about female drivers and pilots. It's quite a jokey one (as usual with Charlie and Alfie). From 2h19m here:

Hope to see you at a show soon.

Kate Smurthwaite


23rd Oct 2014

Hi All
So Feminism In London is just around the corner: this saturday! It's one of the highlights of my year. A whole day of workshops and amazing speakers on a huge range of subjects. It's very nearly sold out and some of the workshops are already full but fear not - the most popular workshops will be in the main auditorium so you'll be able to join those if you book now. And men are welcome to be a part of it too. I'm hosting the whole day right up to the Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize at the end (AND I've been nominated for the prize, which is very lovely although I'm sure there are more deserving candidates!).
And even if you don't fancy the conference, or can't make it, there's a huge after party with feminist bands and poets and me doing feminist comedy too. Booking for both components online here:
Before that I'm in sunny Northampton tomorrow.
And next week the BBC 100 Women conference is taking place. This year it's mostly online. I'll be hanging out with a rather famous bearded lady as part of it so I hope they include some of that and I may be popping up during the day shouting at people, etc. Stay tuned to the BBC news site and I'll post up any links as they come in. (I thought the details of this were still a secret but l see some Indian news channel has leaked it. Oh well.
I'm hosting a night of new comedy talent on 5th November in Canary Wharf. The new acts have all done my comedy course too so they are certified brilliant.
I'm in Birmingham on 6th Nov with a great line-up at the university (open to everyone though)
And then I'm off to Bury St Edmunds to teach a workshop in the daytime and do my new solo show in the evening - with support from the workshopees! Still time to book to see the show and I think still a couple of workshop places open for you to be part of the show! If you're not from Bury but fancy a weekend away with fun activities it is a lovely little historical town to visit. If you live there - you know!
I've done three BBC Ulster slots this week... 
One last Friday on Jamie Oliver's decision to hire a convicted child abuser to work in his restaurant, from 42m here: 
One on the Good Morning Ulster show discussing Twitter trolling laws. From 2h10 here:
An another rather less civilised one on the same subject with Katie Hopkins.
And I think my latest column will be in the paper issue of New Internationalist out in bookshops, etc globally in the next few days so do watch out for that.
There should be a new YouTube video next week from the show I did at the Occupy Democracy camp in Parliament Square which will be viewable by all, wherever you are so fear not if you're nowhere near the places I've listed above.
So hope to see you soon.
Kate Smurthwaite




16th Oct 2014

Hi all
Lots of TV and radio for you to catch up on this week. 
I was a guest on Sunday Morning Live on BBC1 at the weekend, discussing the Pope, Ebola and climate change with a panel including the utterly noxious Nick Ferrari from LBC.
I was a guest on another BBC1 show on Wednesday night last week, but only in Northern Ireland. The Nolan Show discussed potential changes to the region's draconian abortion laws with a panel of me and some religious men (obviously). It's the first item.
This morning I was on the radio with BBC Tees discussing the rather fluffier topic of mobile phones being used at theatre and comedy venues. From 49m here:
[Apologies if you are outside the UK where BBC shows usually can't be viewed. If I find YouTube clips I will share them. I'm reliably informed that there are ways to trick the system into thinking you are in the UK but I don't understand them so ask someone with IT experience.]
Gigs-wise I'm at Kick Back in Guildford on Saturday.
Lolitics (brilliant political comedy show in Camden, North London) on Monday:
Northampton next week:
And tickets are rapidly selling out for the always-amazing Feminism In London conference on the 25th. I'll be hosting the conference and performing at the afterparty too. Book online here:
Tickets are also onsale for my solo show next month at The Apex in Bury St Edmunds
Not much in the press this week. My appearance at the launch night of the Manchester Women In Comedy festival got a mention here:
Hope to see you soon.
Kate Smurthwaite





8th Oct 2014

Hi All

Firstly for those based in the north there is a chance to see my new rave-reviewed solo show on Sunday. I'm doing it in Todmorden which is just along from Hebden Bridge and easily reachable from Halifax, Rochdale, Bradford, Huddersfield or Burnley. Do book if you're coming and if you know anyone in the area who might enjoy a laugh about free speech and the portrayal of women in the media please let them know.
It's actually part of the Women In Comedy festival that's taking place in Manchester and I'll also be performing at the launch night for that which will surely sell out given the line up so Manchesterites who can't make it out to Todmorden might want to grab tickets asap.
And tonight I'll be on the telly! I'm doing The Nolan Show discussing the proposals for changing (slightly) the law on abortion. It's BBC1 tonight at 10.40pm but only in the N. Ireland region. If you have a TV box it's probably down there in the high number of the channels. But it'll also be on iPlayer shortly afterwards so hang on for that if you're outside the region.
Next Monday I'm doing some new material at Camden Comedy Club. It's a small and friendly place and there's no need to book, you can just walk in - say my name and it's free. 8pm at The Cuban in Stables Market. 
Looking forward i'm really excited to be hosting the Feminism In London conference. I can't recommend coming to this enough if you're able. And the after party too.
I'm also speaking at the Secularism Conference this weekend in London which will be fascinating too I think.
And Bury St Edmunds-ites have the options of coming to see my show at The Apex on 16th Nov: or doing my workshop in the daytime before and then being a guest in the first half of the show!
Not much in the way of press this week but this misleadingly-titled piece from Chortle:
And Bridget Christie mentions me in the York Press: (and I recommend her shows if you're able to get to them, they're wonderful).
Lots more dates all across the UK on my website. Hope to see you there soon.
Kate Smurthwaite


1st Oct 2014

Hi All
Firstly very excited that some of you around the UK will be getting the chance to see my new solo show from the Edinburgh Fringe. I would tell you about the great reviews it's had but I'm assuming you're on my mailing list for a reason and if you can get to it you'd want to come along.
Birmingham this Sunday 5th Oct 4.45pm at Cherry Reds. I hear this is selling well so please book and share with any other Birmingham-ers who might fancy it asap.
Todmorden the following Sunday 12th Oct at the Cricket Club. This is handy for Halifax or Hebden Bridge so if you know anyone in those places please let them know too. 
Tomorrow I'm hosting a big gala event for the campaign against FGM. It's a star-studded line-up and very glam evening in central London so if you can afford the £100 ticket price you'll be in for quite a treat (don't worry my solo shows above are only £5 and £6 respectively).
On Friday I'm lending my support to the Fire Brigade Union's "Ring Of Fire" tour protesting cuts to services and people being put in danger. That's in Bristol in the afternoon.
Next Saturday I'm one of the acts at the launch event for the Manchester Women In Comedy festival. This might have already sold out, if not it certainly will, so book if you're coming while you can.
There are lots more live dates coming up around the country (in case you can't tell I've relatively recently got a new agent and he's really been working hard filling my diary up, thanks Chaz!). Have a look here and if I'm not coming to your part of the the UK let me know what your local venues are and I'll chase them up - also you can contact them and ask for me, I'm always keen to visit new places.  
[And if you're not UK based I appreciate your chances of getting to see me live are a fair bit less. I will be touring Sweden later this year and visiting Norway early next year. Elsewhere, hang on in there we are working on a US trip and various other plans. Also my shows usually make it to the internet eventually. Last year's is here:]
Another thing you can book for now is the Feminism In London conference. I'm hosting the whole shebang as usual and performing at the after party. If you've never been I can't recommend it enough. Men are welcome too, don't feel excluded - there's even a Pro-Feminist Mens Workshop run by the awesome White Ribbon Campaign for men wondering how they can get more involved in supporting women's rights.
Links for this week (advance warning the BBC ones only work in the UK unless you know how to jimmy the system):
Me on BBC Ulster debating abortion. This is really a good 'un. The evangelical Christian guy tries to tell me that with an English accent I shouldn't be discussing abortion law in Ireland and I think I demand live on air that he "grow some ovaries"... Then a woman rings in to tell me that a feotus is a "living, breathing human" and you can hear me in the background asking if it breaths through a straw!! From 45m here:
Same subject but less excitement on BBC 5 live from 1h15m here:
Very lovely profile of me on Chime For Change
An my column for The Teacher (NUT magazine) came out this week. I haven't found it online yet and I wasn't a huge fan of the edit so I've sneakily put the full length version on my blog page for those who are interested:
I'm featured (talking about cross-dressing pirate Mary Read) in the historical podcast Z-List Dead List (episode 2) available free on iTunes:
I'll also have a column about free speech in the next edition of New Internationalist magazine which is available worldwide and well worth a read wherever you are.
By the way, unlike all those automated mail-outs you might get, you CAN reply to this email and I will get it. I don't promise to respond but if you want to stop getting them or have emails of people you know who you are definitely sure would like to be added or want to share something interesting or let me know about a performing/speaking opportunity that might suit me - go ahead!
And hope to see you soon
Kate Smurthwaite





7th Sept 2014

Hi all
Well we are now back and recovering from Edinburgh. More about the fringe below - lovely to see so many of you there. Since getting back I'm starting to fill up my autumn schedule so here are some key gigs around the UK already lined up:


My political solo show Leftie Cock Womble is at the Birmingham Comedy all-dayer on 5th Oct. Tickets are onsale here:


On 2nd Oct I'm hosting a gala night raising money for the campaign to combat FGM in the UK and abroad. Its a stellar line-up of course if you can stretch to the ticket price for a good cause!


I'm performing in Bristol on 3rd Oct in support of the Fire Brigade Union's anti-cuts tour:


On 11th Oct I'll be performing at the Secularism Conference being organised by the One Law For All team in central London:


And then dashing to Manchester to be part of the opening night gala for the Women In Comedy festival:


On the 12th Oct, still part of the Women In Comedy festival I'll be performing Leftie Cock Womble plus (i.e. my recent Edinburgh show over an hour and half slot so I'll also include some highlights of previous shows) at Todmorden Cricket Club


And some regular club gigs:


MCing in Northampton on 25th Sept:


MCing in Basingstoke on 26th Sept


Set at Brooks Brothers (London) on 1st Oct:


MCing at Kick Back in Guildford on 18th Oct:


I was also on BBC News 24, Sky News, BBC World Service and BBC Wales, all talking about the death of Joan Rivers. The only one I've found online is the BBC Wales one - it is the most in depth one so if you want to catch it it's here, from 2h20m in:


And I had a piece on the New Internationalist website this week with the best title ever!


And I had a tweet of mine go a bit viral too - over 300 retweets and favourites...!


Fringe recap: Thanks very much to everyone who came to my shows, chipped in to my bucket, bought T-shirts, tweeted about me, brought their friends or relatives along, bought me a pint, or listened to me complaining about falling over or not getting reviewed (for the eleventh year running) by any national newspapers, not even the ones that complained in January when I was on Question Time that they had "never heard of me". Still here, still firing you press releases several times a year, still doing my thing, all you have to do is walk in the door...


The reviewers that did come loved my show though:


Five stars:
Four stars:
Four stars:


And even though I didn't ask for reviews or press at all my evolution show also got five stars!


That show was also nominated for the Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award:


I wrote a couple of articles too:


And was interviewed a few times:


And you might notice the gigs on my listings don't start for a couple of weeks - that's because I am now taking a holiday. Hope to see you when I'm back!



Kate Smurthwaite







30th July 2014

Hi All


So all three of my fringe shows open on the 2nd Aug. If you're at the fringe at all I would love it if you came to see:


The News At Kate: Leftie C*ck Womble (without the asterisk but I don't want to set your spam filter off). My new solo political hour about free speech and the media. 2nd-23rd (not 12th) Aug, 5pm, Viva Mexico, venue 274, free non-ticketed (this means just show up and have a fab time and I'll have a collection bucket afterwards).


The Evolution Will Be Televised is my educational interactive super-geeky comedy science show about the origins of life and our nearest cousins. 2nd-23rd (not 12th) Aug, Ciao Roma, venue 283, free (as above).


Late With Kate is my late night compilation show. to give you a flavour of what it'll be like guests already confirmed include Chris Coltrane, Jayde Adams, Joe Wells, Njambi McGrath, Mzz Kimberley, David Mills, Luke Toulson, Jollyboat, Stuart Black, Evelyn Mok, Ada Campe, Ashley Storrie and so far I'm going with 100% different line up every night so if you've got a few days at the Fringe you can come drop by on your way home and get some ideas for what to see the next day! 2nd-23rd (not Sundays, guest host on 12th) Aug, Canon's Gait, venue 78, free (as above).


And I'm really excited about the guest spots I've been booked for too including the three shows I most MOST wanted to do SetList on Sat 9th Aug, Political Animal on Thurs 21st Aug and Spank! on Sat 16th Aug. Yippeee!!


In the run up there's already been some press about me:


Interview in New Internationalist:


Column in The List:


My shows recommended in Three Weeks:


I was on Sky News early yesterday morning talking about perceptions of the British with Eamonn Holmes. Can't find the clip though so far.


Also I did a piece for BBC Ulster about drug addiction during pregnancy with the most horrible guy. It was pre-recorded rather than live though so I don't know what time it was on and I'm too busy prepping for the fringe to go searching for it!


If you want to keep up with my news during the Fringe then Twitter (@Cruella1) or Facebook ( is your best bet. And if you are coming up and catching my shows then do come and say hi afterwards.


Looking forward to seeing you.


Kate Smurthwaite







17th July 2014

Hi All


So I'm busy getting ready for the Edinburgh Fringe. My main show this year is called The News At Kate: Leftie C*ck Womble (without the asterisk but I don't want to set your spam filter off). I'm really pleased with the show - it's about language, free speech and it's influence on the media. And of course it's about being on TV shows from Question Time to Revelation TV. 2nd-23rd (not 12th) Aug, 5pm, Viva Mexico, venue 274, free non-ticketed (this means just show up and have a fab time and I'll have a collection bucket afterwards).


Plus I'm doing an interactive educational comedy show about evolution and primatology and us human apes. It's a grown-up show but liberal parents with smart teenagers can come too. And timing-wise you could eat upstairs at the fab Italian restaurant first and then join me. It's called The Evolution Will Be Televised. 2nd-23rd (not 12th) Aug, Ciao Roma, venue 283, free (as above).


And then to round off the day the Free Fringe is very kindly allowing me to host and book their late night showcase. It's even been renamed Late With Kate (it used to be Midnight Hour) so everyone will know. I'm not aiming to book TV stars or big circuit acts (though I might), just acts that I really, really like and think you will too. Mostly comedy, but rules are there to be broken. 2nd-23rd (not Sundays, guest host on 12th) Aug, Canon's Gait, venue 78, free (as above). I'll be letting people know who the acts are on Twitter @Cruella1, but it'll be different every night and brilliant at all times.


I'll also be doing lots of guest spots at the Fringe including Political Animal with Andy Zaltsmann on 21st Aug which I'm very excited to have been booked for and Spank! on Sat 16th (will be Sunday by the time I'm on). More to be announced on Twitter as they come up.


I am previewing The News At Kate: Leftie C*ck Womble in Hitchin on Saturday (I'm on at 2.30pm) and in Cradley Heath at what claims to be the world's smallest comedy festival on Sunday (I'm on at 7.20pm) If you know any locals to those areas please let them know. And next week at Antwerp Mansion in Manchester


I also have one other gig before the fringe - I'm MCing in Camberley on the 25th:


My article in the New Internationalist is now available online (I'm very proud of this one - do give it a read!):


And I was interviewed by Broadway Baby about my Edinburgh shows:


I did two radio interviews yesterday - BBC Newcastle talking about the cabinet reshuffle, from 2h53:


And BBC Wales talking about shaving and my hairy legs! From 38m:


Hope to see you soon, especially if you're coming to the fringe! 


Kate Smurthwaite







4th July 2014

Hi All


So starting with the biggest news. I'm MCing on Monday at the Hammersmith Apollo. Biggest venue I've ever played so I'm dead excited about it. And an amazing line-up: Jason Manford, Mark Steel, Jo Brand, Stewart Lee, Francesca Martinez, Jen Brister, etc. Tickets start at just a tenner. Tickets and a promo video featuring me are here:


If you prefer your comedy intimate, read from notes and without a proper ending you could also come along to one of my two previews this week. I'll be practicing and working out my new Edinburgh show on Sunday at the Round Table with Tiernan Douieb:


And next Friday at the Museum of Comedy with Inder Manocha:


My regular column in the New Internationalist is published this week. It's in the printed edition and so not available online. It's their special "feminism" themed publication and - just to give you a taste - my column is called "Cupcakes can f*** off".


I also had a wildly controversial (based on the amount of angry hate mail I've had so far) column in the New Statesman suggesting that maybe we should put an end to violent sports like white collar boxing. (yes I know how to piss off the right people eh?!)


Two radio interviews this week. I was on LBC's Ian Collins show on Saturday night although I don't know if they still podcast this - I can't find it. 


And this morning I was on BBC Wales talking about crime and poverty. From 2h06m here:


Hope to see you soon



Kate Smurthwaite





27th June 2014

Hi all
If you're London-based I've got two important gigs coming up: 
Firstly next Sunday I'm previewing my new Edinburgh show "The News At Kate: Leftie Cock Womble" It's a double bill with Tiernan Douieb's new solo show too. Both shows for just a fiver! 
Secondly I've been asked to MC a huge benefit at the Hammersmith Apollo. Which is pretty exciting, eh? Never played this huge prestigious venue before so I'd be delighted to have some friendly faces in. Plus awesome line-up: Jo Brand, Jason Manford, Marcus Brigstock, Stewart Lee. And all in aid of the People's Assembly - campaign against the government's austerity program! Tickets here:
Before then I'm in Plymouth next Wednesday:
And Swindon on Thursday:
I got a couple of media mentions after last week's People's Assembly march and rally. Here's my actual performance if you want to see that:
Article in Mancunian Matters:
And even on comedy website Chortle:
And a promo for the 7th July I did too:
I also stumbled across the website for a short student film I appeared in earlier in the year. Hopefully there'll be another showing or they'll put it online.
Plus just in case you missed it last week my whole solo show from last year. The one I was doing when I won the Three Weeks' Editor's Choice Award.
I'm teaching a one-day comedy workshop for complete beginners next week:
Or if you're someone who's already gigging and taking a show up to Edinburgh, I can be hired (at very reasonable rates) as director/additional material writer to help you hone your show ready for the fringe. Contact me direct (and soon) if you're interested. 
Hope to see you soon
Kate Smurthwaite

19th June 2014

Hi All

Hope you're all coming to the March for the Alternative tomorrow organised by the People's Assembly. I'll be performing a little afterwards plus there's bands and Russell Brand and important political speakers. 
On Sunday I've got TWO previews. I'm previewing my "other" Edinburgh show - it's an interactive science-y show about great apes called The Evolution Will Be Televised. At it's part of a full day of awesomeness at the Balham Free Fringe. I don't want to unfairly bribe anyone but I do just happen to be in the same space right before Phill Jupitus is on so if you came to see me at 5.40pm and brought two beers with you you could effectively jump the queue for seeing Phill...
And then in the evening I'm previewing my main show - the political comedy one, Leftie Cock Womble at the Roundtable. Double bill with James Ross. Tickets and info here or mail for for guest list.
Also at the Roundtable next week I'm hosting some new comedy talent. If you're feeling supportive and ready for talent-spotting info and tickets here, again guest list available if you give me a shout:
Great news for those of you in far-flung corners of the earth! My WHOLE SHOW from last year (when I won the Three Weeks Editors' Choice Award) is now available on line after being filmed at the WOW festival:
I also had an article published in the New Internationalist:
And one in the Feminist Times:
I was also on BBC London's Vanessa Feltz show talking about the latest Twitter storm. From 1h03m here: And on Sky News discussing the same thing at lunchtime - though not found the video of that yet.
Hope to see you soon
Kate Smurthwaite

12th June 2014

Hi All

Firstly I'm doing a debate tonight at the Cambridge Union. Hope to see you there if you're a member.

Secondly tomorrow night I'm MCing an incredible line-up at the Bloomsbury Theatre: Stewart Lee, Pippa Evans, Marcel Lucont, Richard Herring, etc, etc all for just £15. I can't believe its not sold out. It's even for a great cause (The Free Fringe).

On Saturday I'm MCing at the Big Noise festival - raising money for The Big Issue Foundation

On Sunday I've just been given a last minute preview slot at the Roundtable Pub, St Martin's Court, near Leicester Square. It's so sudden that at the moment I don't even know who I'll be co-previewing with (I promise to find someone awesome though) and I don't even have a buy-tickets page. So I'll cut you a deal here people - show up 8pm (we'll start at half eight) and say "I'm on the mailing list" and I'll let you and a guest in free. Deal? Better than me performing to an empty room and if you want to buy me a drink after I won't stop you!

Then on Tuesday I'm at Lolitics (political gig) and Wednesday at Brooks Brothers in Chancery Lane.

Been mentioned in a couple of articles this week too:

And a glowing review for the Chippenham Comedy Festival, including my part in it:

I know I promised a new video of my old solo show too. But that'll have to wait for next week now so I can head off to Cambridge! Sorry!

See you soon

Kate Smurthwaite






6th June 2014

Hi all

Tonight I'm in Milton Keynes at The Comedy Club: 
Tomorrow I'm speaking at a humanist conference in Birmingham:
And then previewing my new solo show in Chippenham, full program here:
On Sunday I'm at Z List Dead List in the afternoon - a history based show in Camden:
And then I'm at a benefit for MacMillan Cancer Support In Ilford:
On Monday I'm talking in Oxford about gender and religion:
And BOOK NOW for the Free Fringe Benefit on Fri 13th June. Will be an amazing evening, and great value too. Tickets here:
I've done quite a few interviews this week...
Had a very frustrating discussion on abortion with BBC Somerset, from 13m here:
BBC London with Vanessa Feltz talking about Kirsty Allsopp and ambitious young women, from 2h05m here:
Then I was on BBC Scotland on the same issue:
Yesterday on BBC Tees discussion women who swear, from 15m here:
And then on BBC Three Counties talking Internet abuse from 1h19m:
More interviews and maybe even a video of my WHOLE award-winning show next week!
Hope to see you soon
Kate Smurthwaite

29th May 2014
Hi all
Wrote a piece on my blog about the Mail's coverage of the Santa Barbara shootings in a little fit of rage that went rather viral (200 retweets and nearly 100 Facebook shares!). If you haven't seen it, it's here:
Got another lovely little video vlog for you this week. All about the Richard Scudamore sexism business. Watch online here:
And as if that wasn't enough there's also lots of me in the podcast from this week's No Pressure To Be Funny show which despite the lack of pressure is very funny and you can listen to here:
And, talking serious politics too I was on Ian Collins show on LBC on Saturday night. It's a great show and they used to have the "round table" bit of it (my bit) available for free on their website but I can't see it any more. Let me know if you can.
I also did one little very early morning BBC piece about people who spend their lives taking photos of things on their phones for 5 live, from 1h24m here:
Upcoming appearances this week:
I'm speaking in Cambridge on saturday:
And then performing at the Comedy Store late show that night:
Previewing my new political show in Maidstone on Monday:
Doing a benefit in Exeter on Thursday:
Book now for FREE FRINGE BENEFIT which I'm hosting at the Bloomsbury Theatre with Stewart Lee, Pippa Evans, Richard Herring, Peter Buckley Hill and Marcel Lucont!
And lots more on the website of course! Hope to see you soon.
Kate Smurthwaite




22nd May 2014

Hi all

So firstly I made a little vlog about the Gary Barlow tax business. That's up here: please share if you like it.
I also wrote a funny column for Feminist Times about pick up artists.
I've got lots of very varied appearances coming up. Tonight I'm at the Oxford Union debating the compatibility of Islam and feminism. Tomorrow I'm at UCL talking to medical students about abortion! Come along if you're eligible.
On Saturday night I'll be on LBC with Ian Collins from 9-10pm discussing a variety of topical stories.
Then on Sunday I'm on the panel for No Pressure To Be Funny which is a fairly relaxed live political panel-type show. Tickets here:
On 31st May I'll be speaking in Cambridge at an event for the People's Assembly, then appearing at Monkey Business comedy club and then at the late show at the Comedy Store:
And there are two big benefits coming up that I'm involved with. Firstly the incredibly good value All-Star benefit for the Free Fringe. I'm MCing at the Bloomsbury Theatre and acts include Stewart Lee, Pippa Evans, Richard Herring and Marcel Lucont. Not bad for £15.
And I'm also playing the Hammersmith Apollo on 7th July at a benefit for the People's Assembly. It's a bit more expensive but you will get Jo Brand and Mark Steel and of course me so it's totally worth it.
Hope to see you soon!
Kate Smurthwaite


13th May 2014

Hi All

Looking forward to seeing lots of you in Brighton over the weekend. I'm bringing my Three Weeks Editor's Choice award-winning solo show to Upstairs at Three and Ten on Fri, sat and Sun night, 10pm. It's the very end of the tour for that show so I'm hoping to go out with a bang. We turned people away at the same venue last year so do book. And if you have friends in Brighton please let them know.
Then on Monday next week (already!) I'm trying out some new material for my next show... And it's a double-preview show also featuring Bridget Christie. Not bad for a fiver!
I've done three radio interviews this week:
A lovely one with Alfie and Charlie (love their show) on BBC Newcastle Breakfast talking about modern sexism and the "Blurred Lines" documentary. From 2h37m here:
I was on BBC London to discuss an abortion story out of the US. I didn't think it was done very well with the presenters just ganging up on me and going off topic. But if you're in the mood to spit out your coffee it's from 1h40 here:
And the following morning I was on BBC Ulster talking about Gary Barlow's tax bill (or lack of). From 42m here:
I've got a couple of articles in the pipeline and I'm planning some vlogs soon too so do let me know if there's a topic you'd like me to cover. Quite excited about getting started on some new projects. And they'll be accessible worldwide of course.
See you soon.
Kate Smurthwaite


7th May 2014 

Hi all
If you're in London tonight I'm hosting a showcase of new comedy talent. Just let me know if you fancy coming along, I have spare guest list to use up so you'd be welcome to come for free. Info here:
This Saturday I'm MCing at Highlight in Camden and the show has already been recommended on Chortle for having an excellent line-up.
And my award-winning solo show is on it's way to Brighton next weekend. Book now as I hear it's selling quickly!
And then on Monday 19th I'm previewing some material for my new Edinburgh show alongside Bridget Christie. It'll be lots of notes and untested material but it should be a fun night. Tickets are £5 here:
If you've ever thought about giving comedy a go I've got two new courses starting next week with City Academy
Hope to see you soon
Kate Smurthwaite